The Renegade program all started in 1975 when Toby’s (Founder of Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants) father Ronnie Baptiste started Renegade Racing. From the streets, to the old shut down Riverside Raceway Park in Nashville, TN, Toby grew up with racing in his veins. Being Ronnie’s sidekick going to three tracks a weekend, Toby Baptiste found passion for the sport for racing. Growing older, Toby walked in his father’s footsteps by taking the wheel racing the old Renegade Dragster at 15 years of age. At 18, Toby in a fierce points chase at a local track had a run of first round losses four-weeks in a row. After finding out that a faulty drum of fuel had contaminated parts of their injection unit, Ron had to next day send the unit to Kinsler to be machined and flowed. After the unit was returned that week, Toby requested that the area fuel supplier in Smyrna, TN replace the drum of fuel and as far as the machine work goes, well that’s just racing. After being denied the replacement for fuel, Toby got with friends and looked for another fuel supplier. After finding another source, the group went in together to purchase fuel. Well guess what, the new fuel was even worse. It made motors look like boat anchors. Thankfully the group recognized the problem being the fuel before it was too late. However, Ron & Toby ran the fuel too long and the complete engine became useless. Then and there, the collective group said to find a good fuel and we will help you move it. Toby started a small fuel business called Renegade Racing Products that next year in his dad’s one-car garage peddling drums from Coogle Race Fuels at $5.00 above cost just to gain customers. “The extra $5.00 dollars made good eating money while in college back then,” recalled Toby. At the end of 1997, Hinton Hardwoods gave him enough wood supply to build a shop for drummed fuel storage, which was a big help in time of need. In 1998 Toby met Alan Hemsworth of Torco Racing Fuels and he lucked up in gaining a direct distributorship, which covered KY and part of TN. By the end of 1999, Renegade Division (formally Renegade Racing Products) became one of Torco’s largest customers. Unfortunately at the end of the 1999 season, Torco Fuels and Renegade Division had a parting of relationships. At the beginning of the 2000 season, the Renegade Division signed with Koch Refinery to be a master distributor for the entire southeast. Out of eight master distributors, the Renegade Division was the number one volume seller of the product in just two years. Once again when things seemed to be doing good, Koch Refinery pulled the plug on their racing fuel program. Faced with a dilemma, Toby worked a partnership with his KY distributor Valor, LLC Terminals (formerly CC. Hildreth Inc.) in Bowling Green, KY to blend their own custom fuels and offer private label products for 2002 & 2003. After tremendous success and experiencing disappointment after building someone else’s product up in 2000, Toby elected to start his own brand in 2004. This would include exotic fuels and compatible lubricants that would be called Renegade the Pro-Series. Now with nation-wide distribution and new markets adding almost daily, Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants is becoming racings best kept secret. What a road to travel and just think, it all started over one drum of fuel. “Thanks Pop, for getting it all started,” Toby! 

Mission Statement  To be the #1 leader in the research, selling and marketing of innovative, high value, high quality racing performance products. We will accomplish this by ensuring that our products and level of service are of the highest quality, and provide long-term value, as well as maintaining a level of excellence in the execution of operations which puts all competitors to shame.

Objective To provide superior service to existing customers, to ensure there is no loss of business and to grow sales to these customers. Also, to bring in new customers with a new vision, “A vision of quality and utmost satisfaction.”