Powersport Fuels


SX4+   SX4
When cost is not a issue and all you want is POWER nothing comes close to the power of SX4Plus! After 2 years of R&D with feed back from several top supercross, motocross, road racing teams & engine builders, Renegade releases this fuel to the public! We use some of the most exotic materials sourced from Europe, Asia and North America to make a AMA Supercross and Motocross legal fuel that not only makes power but it has also shown to be very stable in high heat applications when other fuels have failed. Don’t be fooled by the fancy marketing by other brands, SX4Plus is for the serious racer that demands serious results!R+M/2:————————— 92
Oxygen:———————– 3.9%
Specific Gravity:——– .730
Color:————————- Clear
Designed for today’s advanced high revving 4 stroke engines. With the use of today’s most advanced fast burning components and high quality oxygenates used in SX4 the performance speaks a 1000 words! Not just a fuel made to market the term “oxygenated fuel” like others. Our extensive testing allowed us to create a fuel that not only makes huge power on the dyno but also delivers performance on the track! Throttle response, engine acceleration and an exclusive additive package to Renegade Racing Fuels that protects your engine from gummed up carb parts or swelling of rubber parts! SX4 works great in today’s modern sport bikes and has shown 6% increases over other fuels on the market.R+M/2:————————— 97
Oxygen:———————— 3.7%
Specific Gravity:————- .740
Color:—————————- Clear

A great price point 4 stroke specific fuel that has many of the same technologies as our popular SX4Plus fuel used by many top ama supercross teams. MX4 does not require jetting or fuel mapping changes when going from pump fuel in most applications. Testing results have shown up to 4-5% gain in power over other fuels on the market as well. MX4 contains an exclusive additive package that keeps gumming and deposits away unlike other fuels that still cause gumming issues even in there 3rd or 4th generation fuels.

R+M/2:————————— 99
Oxygen:———————— 3.6%
Specific Gravity:————- .755
Color:—————————- Clear

Oxygen rich leaded fuel made specifically for 2 stroke motocross applications. When other racing fuel companies blend in a simple oxygenate to a existing fuel and call it a “motorcycle specific fuel” we don’t sell you short! After much R&D and many test blends, the results are in and no other 2 stroke specific fuel makes the power or has the throttle response of SX2! This fuel has proven to make the power the serious racer demands yet also delivers on stability in various temps and air conditions.R+M/2:————————— 104
Oxygen:———————— 5.5%
Specific Gravity:————- .720
Color:—————————- Purple
Pro -109   Snowcross
An oxygen rich high octane unleaded fuel made specific for today’s high rpm engines that need to run a true unleaded fuel. It contains no compounds that will harm your catalytic converter or oxygen sensors. Pro 109’s high density lends itself to get performance in forced induction engines (turbo or blown) when other 109 fuels fail!R+M/2:————————— 109
Oxygen:———————— 5.5%
Specific Gravity:————- .764
Color:—————————- Blue

Developed for 2 stroke snowmobile racing that requires a fuel with no oxygen. Designed for cold weather racing with a higher vapor pressure. Delivers better response and power through the entire RPM range.

R+M/2:————————— 112
Oxygen:———————— 0%
Specific Gravity:————- .731
Color:—————————- Red

OS Powerfuel


Offshore series of fuels are ethanol free and designed for use in everything from 2 stroke boats to blown offshore race boats. We offer a leaded version and an unleaded version along with an additive package that allows for great long term storage so that there is no need to clean your carbs after the winter.

R+M/2:—————– 105
Oxygen:————– 0%
Specific Gravity:— .715
Color:—————— Green

r+m/2:—————– 97
Oxygen:————– 0%
Specific Gravity:— .720
Color:—————— Clear

Renegade P95 started life a test fuel for high performance OE applications. This ethanol-free unleaded blend not only delivers great performance, but is extremely stable for long term storage, which means no gumming or problems for fuel system seals and o-rings. 

R+m/2: 95—————— 95

Oxygen———————- 0%

Specific Gravity————- 717

Color————————- Clear